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Analyse and interpret theological beliefs in the light of current thinking

성서배경사 / 복음서

Analyse and interpret theological data

성서신학 / 성서이해

Research and analyse information within a theological theme or issue

현대목회 / 기독교 윤리

Identify new theological information

교회문화 / 교회운영

Relate theological ideas to the Christian way of life

공공신학 / 기독교교육

Communicate theology in a clear form

교회행정 Respond to client needs

인간관계론 / 환경신학

Develop, implement and promote effective workplace communication


Provide leadership in community across the organisation

다문화 이해 / 음악이론

Plan and conduct group activities


   Columba College’s topic in Brackets is implemented through the use of training packages.

   As the practical topic is applied through national unit of competency package you will reach to

   a system of national standardization of training for many industry areas.

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